Tender Leaf Toys

Designed in the UK, with their unique blend of soft cotton fabric, gentle non toxic water stain combined with sustainable rubber wood / high quality plywood, Tender Leaf Toys make the perfect gift and look stylish around the modern playroom or nursery.
Their manufacturing processes, starting from cutting, painting and drying of the wood, are all undertaken at the same factory location in Indonesia. All their toys are made from sustainable rubber wood and for every tree that becomes a beautiful toy, another is replanted.
All of thier toy products meet the European and American standard safety of toys according to EN71, CPSC and ASTM.
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Tender Leaf Toys,Ladybug Teaching Clock,CouCou,Toy
Tender Leaf Toys,Breakfast Tray,CouCou,Toy
Tender Leaf Toys,Alphabet Pictures,CouCou,Toy
Tender Leaf Toys,Monster Lock Box,CouCou,Toy
Tender Leaf Toys,Chef's Bag Set,CouCou,Toy
Tender Leaf Toys,Doll Family with Movable Limbs,CouCou,Toy
Tender Leaf Toys,Smoothie Maker,CouCou,Toy
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