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CouCou (pronounced “koo-koo”) is the French word used for the globally popular children’s game of Peek-a-boo. It originally comes from the cuckoo clock as it mimics the way the bird comes out from behind the doors and then hides again. CouCou's aim is to keep childhood wonder and imagination alive, in children as well as adults.

The store, located in the South End neighborhood of Boston, Massachussets, offers a wide selection of uniquely curated products for ages 0 – 10, including clothes, toys, crafts, homewares and gifts, imported from around the globe.


CouCou's Play Room & Classes:
Located behind the shop, the play room welcomes children and their parents or caregivers and often hosts classes.


Nursing & Changing: 
CouCou offers a lovely nursing and changing room filled with baby essentials every mom or caregiver needs. 

Curb-side Pick Up: 
Parking Phobia?  No problem! Use our Curb-Side Pick Up service.  Pre-purchase over the phone or online by selecting 'in store pick-up' for shipment and call us to coordinate.  One of our staff will run out to hand you your goodies when you arrive. Easy.  


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