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Wooden Pinocchio Doll

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Wooden Pinocchio yo-yo is a wonderful souvenir or toy. This toy has an interchangeable nose to demonstrate that it grows when Pinocchio tells a lie. Limbs move and has the ability to sit. Measure 12.5 inches tall.

Made in Italy.

At San Lorenzo, we believe it is possible to offer a superior product, combining the attributes of quality and style with an accessible price tag. Although, it is next to impossible to compete with the tidal wave of "Made in China" which has hit the U.S. full-force, we do believe that we can offer a beautiful and welcome alternative "Made in Italy" which will not fail to appeal to a more discriminating clientele.

So what does "Made in Italy" mean? To us, it means style and color, tradition and cutting edge design. Our line includes:

- KARTOS of Montecatini, producers of classic Florentine stationery;

- ISTITUTO FOTOCROMO, a third generation high quality printing house that specializes in reproduction of classical and vintage art;

- SAN LORENZO DESIGN, an avant-guard Italian company specializing in colorful bags and desktop accessories made of regenerated leather;

- BORTOLETTI writing instruments, a top-of-the-line offering of hand-crafted desktop accessories.

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