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Minouche Olga Doll in Trunk

$ 190.00

Minouche Olga is a very special doll. She comes in a little blue and white spotted carry case, dressed in a winter outfit consisting of a little grey print dress with grey and white jacket, muff to keep her hands warm with a matching white beret, finished off with little grey boots. Olga also comes with a summer outfit, consisting of a straw hat and sleeveless summer dress with little pink and white shoes.

Measurement: 13 inches tall

Petitcollin was founded in 1860. It is the oldest and most famous French doll maker. They continue to make their dolls in France and each face is hand-painted.  You will see that no doll is the same and each has distinct characteristics. In honour of their distinction in doll making, Petitcollin has been recognized by the French Cultural and Commerce Ministry as a company of "significant French heritage" with the prestigious EPV award.
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