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Lion Amuse

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The PAPINEE Lion, from Kenya, is the King of the Animal Kingdom and proudly roams the plains of the South of the Horn of Africa. The Lion Amuse reflects the tribal African patterns and ethnic motifs, as well as represents the strength, pride, and history of vibrant Kenyan culture.

  • Culture Designed Patterns
  • Fine Embroidery
  • Child Safe Construction

      Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 4 inches

      PAPINEE is an Art-Toy collective for parents and children to story tell, bond and explore together. PAPINEE’s exceptionally crafted toys, books, accessories & storytelling kits assist parents in giving the gift of imagination to their little ones through interactive, instructional and educational play. PAPINEE empowers adults to inspire their future leaders to be curious, thoughtful, brave and to dream the impossible.

      PAPINEE’s social mission ‘Give Together’ focuses on bringing hope, inspiration and imagination to disadvantaged children and those challenged by illness across the globe. We give PAPINEE Inspire coloring kits to children in need, we work with corporations and NGO’s on PAPINEE initiatives to make a difference, and we bridge PAPINEE ambassadors and volunteer storytellers to play, bond and explore with children who need it most.

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