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Baby Berbere Cardigan

$ 47.00
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Cardigan in a gorgeous emerald color. Delicate embroidery at the front and on the shoulders. Buttoned on the front.

32% Mohair 28% Merino Wool 40% Nylon


Louise Misha is a unique girls clothing and accessory line, created in Paris by two friends, Aurélie Remetter and Marie Pidancet in 2012.

Originally inspired on a trip through India, the gorgeous line is full of vivid color, vintage details and bohemian style. 

The label’s name is a family inspiration and comes from a dear grandmother called 'Louise' and a beloved mother nicknamed 'Misha'.

Particularly attached to the “hand-made”, the two women created a brand full of nostalgia and exquisite details which all girls adore.  

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