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Animal Knee Socks in Black

$ 26.00

 Why not make getting dressed in the morning fun with these animal knee socks? Little eyes, nose and whiskers meet at your knees and keep you warm and fashionable all day.

Made and Designed in Spain. 100% Cotton. 

Size Conversion:

23 - 26 European = 6 - 9.5 US Toddler/Little Kid
27 - 30 European = 10 - 12.5 US Little Kid

Búho is an array of colours, exclusive prints, soft and carefully nurtured fabrics. The quality of all the clothes in the Búho range live up to the brand’s high standards.

The fabrics and yarns come mainly from France, Spain and Italy, as the quality of the raw materials is critical for the company. Complex washing and dyeing techniques achieve an array of unique colours that convey emotions and a casual exquisiteness recreating a sweet, bohemian world. These are exclusive productions, monitored with utmost care.

With those principles in hand, the entire Búho range is produced exclusively in Spain, so as to exercise close control over the quality of the sewing and also in support of local and sustainable trade.

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