Regulate: Indispensable Cream M (Age 10-15 Years)

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The skin of 10 to15-year olds undergoes the first hormonal changes of puberty. It is becoming greasy and requiring a specific skincare both protective and regulating.

The daily application of Indispensable M cream helps to maintain the fragile skin balance of pre-teens. Its cellulose-based apple water-based formulation, 100% organic origin, certified by Ecocert, combined with organic sesame oil and Luffa organic seed oil, ensures optimum maintenance of the hydraulic skin film to limit or even prevent the formation of blackheads.

Maintains the fragile skin balance of pre-teens to ensures the optimum balance of the hydraulic film to limit/prevent acne.

  • Active Ingredients: Onativ'® Organic Apple, Vitamin C.
  • Cruelty-free, without notifiable allergens or potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Made in France

    "The new well-being ritual to beautiful skin for life" 
    A skincare formulated for each step of childhood, free of harmful ingredients, and proudly made in France. A range of skincare including three lotions formulated to meet the specific needs of young epidermis. With the same guarantee of quality, safety and efficiency. Choose the skincare according to her/his age for a daily ritual of well-being, health and beauty.
    * môme means kid, child, pretty girl, young boy in French.


    MineMine kids is the first “ shop in shop” for global, natural personal care products that addresses the age and stages of a child’s skin care needs. Our community of brands are committed to developing a healthy skin care regime at an early age. We deliver high quality, natural products from around the world.

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