Available for approximately 3m - 18/24m babies.

Handmade in Italy, of Nappa Leather 

EU to US size conversions with approximate months:

16 = 1 (0-3m)

17 = 2 (3 - 6m)
18 = 3 (6 - 9m)
19 = 4 (9 - 12m)
20 = 5 (12 - 18m)

Finding that soft piece of leather in her hands got Lena thinking about the world of a child that started off this adventure. 

With the use of just a sewing machine, she produced the first shoes herself. 

They were truly tiny, the perfect trimmings showed great love and an intuitive talent. Subsequently, as she was getting more popular, she joined up with a number of craftsmen with whom she was able to tune in. Thus it became possible to continue weaving her seams and realize new models while remaining loyal to Sonatina's spirit.

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